Waterfront Fashion Week HERE I COME!

This past Spring, my professor sent me an email about a fashion design competition in Louisville, Kentucky. Not exactly a well-known fashion destination but nevertheless…

Anywhere can host a fashion week and some of the most well known ones (after NYC’s top tier events, of course) are in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Atlanta. Even my hometown St. Louis hosts one. It’s a great way to glamorize a municipality and broadened awareness of a city’s apparel designers, manufacturers, and arts and culture in general.  And due to the popularity of reality-TV giant Project Runway most fashion weeks’ try to devote one night to budding talent. Time recently did a great piece on the emergence and populatiry of local fashion weeks.

The city of Lousiville has hired a legit promotional agency to put together a New York-style fashion week for their town. Their sponsors even include Grey Goose and Dillard’s. I’m getting pretty pumped about being a part of this event!


To enter, I paid 50 bucks, jumped through a lot of hoops, and submitted a tentative collection to Louisville Kentucky’s official Waterfront Fashion Week Emerging Designer Competition. I made it though the first round and was then told to jump through some more hoops (this time, ones lit on fire…I kid, I kid). And what would you know! I got a letter inviting me to participate. I’m very encouraged because I’m one of only 5-6 designers asked to take part and there is a $$$ 5,000 cash (yeah, CASH!) prize. I love those kinds of odds. Plus the competition is providing a hotel room for 4 nights for me and access to lots of fun after-parties.

This will be a great opportunity to showcase my work. And although I can’t commit to the idea of being an entrepreneur and starting my own line, it’s a wonderful platform to shout “HIRE ME!” from. After my internship with Perry Ellis and their label Rafaella, I definitely lean towards working for someone else, either in the corporate or small-business world. Even if I don’t win, it’s going to be so much fun and a great place to network, I’m sure.

But yeah, so I will be revealing a 8 look collection to the world at Waterfront Fashion Week October 17th-20th. Please see their website if you’re in the area and you need tickets.



Summer Internship, Quicky Update

I’ve take a very long break from this blog. In the time that I might have spent writing here, I worked really hard to acquire an internship to complete the requirements for my Masters of Fine Arts in Fashion Design. I’m not going to lie, it was a painfully long process. I started in December 2011 and only knew where my placement would be in June-just days before I needed to pack up and leave. But luckily I ended up with a great position. I am currently in New York City working for Rafaella which is a newly acquired women’s wear label owned by Perry Ellis International. I primarily assist the Print Design Department but we work closely with the Knits and Woven Design peoples as well. I am really enjoying my time in the Big Apple!

This is just a short update. I’ve been working on my portfolio at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) where I have access to the computer lab because I took a few non-credit summer courses. It has been a wonderful experience and I hope to update you more in the next few weeks and months with my Spring Senior Collection as well as my designs for the upcoming First Annual Louisville Kentucky Waterfront Fashion Week, of which I am one of 6 finalists and will compete for a $5,000 cash prize. Exciting stuff, stay tuned!

PERSPECTIVE EMPLOYERS GO HERE-Elizabeth Turner Limited Portfolio

Dear Perspective Employers,

Please view the below slide show to view my online digital portfolio. It is ever evolving and changing so please feel free to check back to see updates. Last updated April 9th, 2013

-Elizabeth Turner

Sci-Fest 2010 & 2011

One of my favorite events I’ve been involved in the last couple years is the Science Fair’s Annual Sci-Fest Extravaganza. Basically, it’s a week long par-tay in science’s honor. Lots of free stuff and the first year I even got to go to their Extravaganza Gala. It was amazing! For the past 5-ish years in October, the Sci-Fest has included a fashion show called “Fashion for a Purpose”. Some major money is given away and that’s reason enough for me to compete. But it also promotes recycling, green fashion textiles, and the use of reclaimed items in fashion.

The first year I completed a garment made out of eco-friendly trash bags, VHS reel tap, and kite string. It was 1920’s flapper costume! All those “feather-less feathers” are actually cut up trash bags tied onto the string. And interestingly enough, I was able to sew the trash bag foundation of the dress on my sewing machine! Couldn’t quite put a zipper in successfully, so I taped my model-gorgeous friend, Jessica, into it that night. I won $200 for 3rd place in front of an audience of over 500 people. The moolah went towards my husband’s engagement ring! We got married later that Fall.

This past year, October 2011, I entered a ball gown entirely made out of used teddy bears! I gathered them up at various Goodwill’s and even used one of my own. Natalie, a friend from school, graciously offered to wear my Teddy Bear Ball Gown in the small show. This year they held the fashion show on Family Fun Night instead of the fancy-shmancy Gala night. It was all right-lots of free food, exhibits, and activities. The best part was having friends Melissa and Alex come along! Unlike last year, lots of my fellow LU students joined me in entering a piece for the show. I won 2nd place and $300!  But I have to say, I’m very excited that the Science Center will be returning the Fashion with a Purpose show back to the Gala in 2012.The crowd will be much larger. Count on me to win 1st next year…I have a stellar idea : )

I know, I know….you all are not even reading this. You are looking for pictures. You will find them below!

Gamma Ray – Mini Collection, Spring/Summer 2012

During my Fall 2011 semester at Lindenwood, I finished designing and sewing my Spring/Summer 2012 Mini Collection. My insiration for this sportswear line came from a 20+ hour Greyhound bus ride that I took to Juarez, Mexico when I was in high school. The color theme came from the view outside my window and I wanted to portray how beautifully the blue sky  hit the rocky landscape. I completed 3 woman’s outfits and 1 men’s outfit. These designs will hit the runway in late April 2012! Included below is the inspiration board, the CAD flats for each piece, and the fashion illustrations. I will upload pictures of the entire collection after they show in the Lindenwood University Fashion Show.

*Please excuse the poor quality of these pictures. My scanner is not big enough for the 11×14 format and I’m hoping to find a larger scanner or use a better camera SOON*

1st (and hopefully not last) Men’s Styling Attempt

Dear Long Lost Blog! You are not very long, and you are not lost-errrr, any longer! I am returning to you after a long winter’s sleep. Actually, winter vacay is done and I’m  essentially a wayward woman to returning to her first love. Bwahahaha. Not much material to keep you few readers interested due to school break, holidays, and a cruise  trip. But I’ve been working very hard to change that! What I wanted to post about today was some styling that I’m doing with a local, up-and-coming photographer/genius Constantiono Schillebeeckx (Website: http://www.photocs.net/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Constantino-Schillebeeckx-Photography/121881317862617). Check him out. Lent a master’s studio in the Central West End (http://www.johnfedele.com), Constantino is looking to boost up his portfolio and technical skills with some fashion-forward edginess.

So I came over to style a test-shoot with West Model, François. Fran (for short) is a super cool waiter-turned-model who is majoring in Agriculture. Who knew? Check him out below…I incorporated lots of G-Star items to create very Euro-centric looks, per Constantino’s request. Maybe too stylized or a Midwest model’s portfolio, but definitely some “out-of-the-Missouri-box” images. Love. Hope you will too. Comments always appreciated!

I think my favorite ensemble is the denim.  So in right now *snooty fashion voice*. And see those shorts? Yeah, they were started as pants that day. Ended up cutting and taping them on set! Worked with what we had! Haha.

Hoping to post again soon!

Presenting: Eva

More stylying! Phew, I’ve been busy with it! I’ve graduated from toting my things in a laundry hamper and show boxes to a full-blown suitcase. The wheels are worth it! This past Friday Elizabeth Wiseman had a full day-long shoot for 2 new finds from Centro Models-St. Louis. I had time in the afternoon to work with one of girls, Eva. It was a full portfolio shoot, meaning she had several different looks. Everything from natural to beauty to edgy was shot. It’s essential to have a variety of looks in a models portfolio. If you’re a model you want to book as many gigs as you can so it’s beneficial to you to fit in multiple fashion categories. Eva was such a natural! Her agent was hoping that with these pictures she might book something with Abercrombie & Fitch over this December or January. I have no doubt that she will! Half of these photos she had zero makeup on. Zero! Crrrrazy beautiful. Thanks to Elizabeth and her assistant, Matt, for the stunning pictures! I love playing dress-up with you!