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2nd year MFA Fashion Design grad student, part-time marketing and promotions extraordinaire, wardrobe/photography stylist in the making, sometimes model

Shoe Trends Spring/Summer 2013

Here is my latest trend board created to reflect this spring and summer’s most recognizable shoe and accessory trends: neon, color, lucite, metals, etc. Enjoy! 




Couture Dress

Last semester (Fall 2012) I completed a Production Practicum class where groups of students worked together simulating a couture production team. I served as the “creative director” (aka team captain) and along with my team members choose a couture designer to represent, our Spring 2013 color story, and completed a capstone presentation of our work.

Our designer was Giambattista Valli. He is a modern couture designer and a favorite of celebrities. Recently, he dressed Jessica Beal for her wedding to Justin Timberlake in a pale pink, frothy ball gown.

Here are the pictures of my individual piece! I even took and edited these pictures myself! Me on hair and makeup and my sister Katie as model


Busy Bee: Elizabeth T. (it rhymes, folks)


Hello again little blog! I’ve been so, so, sooo busy since I graduated with my Masters of Fine Arts in Fashion Design in late December! Didn’t forget about you ; )

But wait! I have excuses!…First, I went to New York City to meet with some recruiters in January. I didn’t find the right fit, but I did only stay in the city 10 days-ish. Had a great time, did some things I didn’t get to do in the summer. I visted the FIT Museum and got a first hand look at the in-cred-ible Ivy Style and Technology in Fashion exhibits, where I got  a firsthand looks at the new Google glasses! (which some techie kids got really jealous about when I told them, hehe).

P.S. My temp roomies were all theater stars! One was the past Cosette in the the national tour of Les Miserables and the other was the current understudy! So cool…there was definitely no singing in the shower for me while living with such talent!

Besides that here is a list and pictures (aka visual proof) of what I’ve been up to since graduation.

1. Got to the FINAL ROUND of casting for Style Network’s new shoe Styled2Rock with Rihanna (yep, that Rihanna). I did several Skype interveiws but I could tell the casting producers didn’t think I was maniac enough for reality TV. Oops? Is that a bad thing?

Anyway, some major Hollywood producers put a video representing me together including clips of me sewing, pictures of my work, and edits from Skype interviews. Apparently I was ‘pitched’ to Rihanna and her cronies. Ri had the final say on the contestants and I didn’t make it. I pity the fool!

Nah, I’m sure better things will come my way; I am wary of the tendancy in reality TV to either villanize you or victimize you—and I am neither

One plus of being pitched-you have to dig up old pictures of yourself being a baller. Voila! A star is born on her Little Tykes sewing machine. Me, age 5Image

2. I participated in the First Annual Lindenwood Alumni Showcase…a beautiful presentation on the grand staircase of the Schedidger Center for the Arts. Five fellow alumni and I from Lindenwood’s Fashion Design program presented some of our past work to current students in cotillion fashion-piano music, red velvet carpet, and hors d’oeuvres. Hadn’t been gone very long and they already wanted me back!

That’s me up there in the day-glow coral speaking my ‘words of wisdom’ to them younglings in the audience (not pictured)Image

annnnnd my awesome girlies via Instagram:480706_4581821620560_279196271_n

3. I’ve also been working on my some finishing touches on my resume, cover letters, and portfolio. Thus, I’ve even been attempting amateur photo sessions! And getting great results! I will have a link to some pictures of my couture dress up shortly….perhaps in the next post? Get excited World!

While you wait for another blog check out my fancy LinkedIn profile…they’ve listed my profile as ‘expert level’. Holla!

-Elizabeth, over and out

I’ve Completed Official Lectra/Kaledo Training…

I am so excited to be done with my MFA! As of Dec. 15th 2012, I am officially available for full-time employment! if you are a recruiter or HR rep please contact me at your earliest convenience here. I am looking for an entry level job or paid internship in apparel or fashion goods design, product development, or product coordination.

This post is going to highlight my recent Lectra training. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to train with a Lectra specialist from New York City and I even have a certificate to prove that I completed the official training with Rachel Scheib.

I learned Lectra’s Kaledo Print over a 3 day course and designed a lot of textiles within my intensive training. I’ve included photos to show my work (!). For the fashion newbie,the Kaledo programs offer an awesome computer platform to design textile prints, weaves, and more! Every fabric with a print on it has been designed by a person and Kaledo is a  set of software that allows a designer to create CAD (Computer Aided Design) and digitally render their original textile designs. Digital design is one of the  first step of getting a printed fabric manufactored and turned into something-baby clothes, bedding, carpet, women’s bathing suits, ties, anything that has a pattern on it!

I’m highly interested in a job in textile print design or something similar. CAD work for apparel and fashion goods is a passion of mine; I could literally sit at a computer all day and design. Hire me! Contact me here.

Examples of work:

Multiple Colorways for one flower print

Creating my palettes! Loving Pantone’s Spring color forecast

Waterfront Fashion Week: Elizabeth Turner Resort 2013 Ready-to-Wear Collection

I presented my collection “Dibs” on Friday night, October 19th 2012 at the 1st Annual Waterfront Fashion Week which was Louisville, Kentucky’s first official fashion week. I was one of 5 contestants in the Emerging Designer Contest which took entries from designers around the whole country. If you’ve read my previous posts, you know allllll about this….

Here is the “official” description of the  inspirations behind the collection. It’s important to present this so the consumer has a full understanding of where I was coming from as a designer:

My inspirations came all the way back from the 1960’s! Inside a beat-up box in my parent’s basement, included everything groovy from heavy taffeta to hip, polyester flower prints. The bold, vintage designs of the fabric woven in hot neon and saturated colors just screamed, “Sew Me!” Thus was born, “Dibs”. It’s a collection for any girl who is not afraid to be bold like the outfit she wears. She likes to mix and match items from her closet because everyday to her is like playing dress up! The name of this collection is original 1960’s slang. Every girl will want “Dibs” on this collection!


In addition to the obvious 1960’s inspiration source, I was inspired by recent Marc Jacob collections, Teen Vogue, and the many young models I’ve worked with in the past whose bright, free spirits’ define the American youth experience. Oh, and a shout-out to Malibu Barbie!

Although the collection was constructed around vintage fabric, it was heavily based on my own trend research for Spring/Summer 2013. I spent last summer 2012 in New York City and I had a great opportunity to do trend research at my job with Rafaella. Also I took classes at The Fashion Institute of Technology and studied at their library where I had access to forecasting websites and articles.

I love trend research and product development. And I am currently looking for a job in St. Louis in the fashion field (apparel, fashion products, cosmetics, shoes, anything!) so HIRE ME, please! I truly enjoy the creative process and I am highly invested in seeing a product through from concept to production.

Each piece from this collection is up for sale in the sample size 4/6 and S/M for bathing suits…beautiful pieces made with integrity and quality. Please contact me through this blog or Waterfront Fashion Week’s website. You can view the complete roll of pictures here. Unfortunately, many of these pictures are way blown out because of the stark lighting. I am a designer all about the details and the pictures just don’t do justice. Hopefully I will be able to do a prettier photo shoot and upload those pictures within the next month or so.

So, drum-roll please!….The pictures:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

MFA Thesis-April 2012

The following pictures exhibit my Senior Thesis collection to conclude my MFA in Fashion Design at Lindenwood University.

My thesis collection is a tribute to Madaeline Vionnet, a historic 20th century designer who invented the bias drape. I’m interested in her because she was excellent at creating one-of-a-kind, haute-couture gowns but later reinvented herself as a mass apparel producer. She was one of the first to offer benefits to her employees and she was an early proponent of ready-to-wear giving the middle class earlier access to fashion trends. I also love the modern interpretation of Vionnet’s current label on the international runways. A favorite of celebrities such as Carey Mulligan and Madonna. Infamous Galliano also claim’s Vionnet as one of his top designer influences.

My small collection is made up of 5 looks. They are detail oriented, and 2 include reclaimed 1930’s beaver fur that I refurbished and re-lined. I adore the way fur looks, but I appreciate animals so this was the green solution I came up with. Additionally, a few looks include the bias draping method that made Vionnet so famous. The marbled, burnout velvet is a nod to Tiffany lamp shade’s from the 1920’s, a time period Vionnet was influential during. In addition to velvet and fur, I incorporated the luxurious fabrics of Georgette, cotton viscose, and silk chiffon. This collection is a sumptuous nod to Art Deco sensibilities while retaining relevant silhouettes.

A big shout-out to Hillson Photography and the photographer, Stacey Hillson. I’ve know her since my days in undergrad…2 words: Hire Her! Also, my sister Katie who modeled. (Me on hair and makeup duty)