Busy Bee: Elizabeth T. (it rhymes, folks)


Hello again little blog! I’ve been so, so, sooo busy since I graduated with my Masters of Fine Arts in Fashion Design in late December! Didn’t forget about you ; )

But wait! I have excuses!…First, I went to New York City to meet with some recruiters in January. I didn’t find the right fit, but I did only stay in the city 10 days-ish. Had a great time, did some things I didn’t get to do in the summer. I visted the FIT Museum and got a first hand look at the in-cred-ible Ivy Style and Technology in Fashion exhibits, where I got  a firsthand looks at the new Google glasses! (which some techie kids got really jealous about when I told them, hehe).

P.S. My temp roomies were all theater stars! One was the past Cosette in the the national tour of Les Miserables and the other was the current understudy! So cool…there was definitely no singing in the shower for me while living with such talent!

Besides that here is a list and pictures (aka visual proof) of what I’ve been up to since graduation.

1. Got to the FINAL ROUND of casting for Style Network’s new shoe Styled2Rock with Rihanna (yep, that Rihanna). I did several Skype interveiws but I could tell the casting producers didn’t think I was maniac enough for reality TV. Oops? Is that a bad thing?

Anyway, some major Hollywood producers put a video representing me together including clips of me sewing, pictures of my work, and edits from Skype interviews. Apparently I was ‘pitched’ to Rihanna and her cronies. Ri had the final say on the contestants and I didn’t make it. I pity the fool!

Nah, I’m sure better things will come my way; I am wary of the tendancy in reality TV to either villanize you or victimize you—and I am neither

One plus of being pitched-you have to dig up old pictures of yourself being a baller. Voila! A star is born on her Little Tykes sewing machine. Me, age 5Image

2. I participated in the First Annual Lindenwood Alumni Showcase…a beautiful presentation on the grand staircase of the Schedidger Center for the Arts. Five fellow alumni and I from Lindenwood’s Fashion Design program presented some of our past work to current students in cotillion fashion-piano music, red velvet carpet, and hors d’oeuvres. Hadn’t been gone very long and they already wanted me back!

That’s me up there in the day-glow coral speaking my ‘words of wisdom’ to them younglings in the audience (not pictured)Image

annnnnd my awesome girlies via Instagram:480706_4581821620560_279196271_n

3. I’ve also been working on my some finishing touches on my resume, cover letters, and portfolio. Thus, I’ve even been attempting amateur photo sessions! And getting great results! I will have a link to some pictures of my couture dress up shortly….perhaps in the next post? Get excited World!

While you wait for another blog check out my fancy LinkedIn profile…they’ve listed my profile as ‘expert level’. Holla!

-Elizabeth, over and out


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