I’ve Completed Official Lectra/Kaledo Training…

I am so excited to be done with my MFA! As of Dec. 15th 2012, I am officially available for full-time employment! if you are a recruiter or HR rep please contact me at your earliest convenience here. I am looking for an entry level job or paid internship in apparel or fashion goods design, product development, or product coordination.

This post is going to highlight my recent Lectra training. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to train with a Lectra specialist from New York City and I even have a certificate to prove that I completed the official training with Rachel Scheib.

I learned Lectra’s Kaledo Print over a 3 day course and designed a lot of textiles within my intensive training. I’ve included photos to show my work (!). For the fashion newbie,the Kaledo programs offer an awesome computer platform to design textile prints, weaves, and more! Every fabric with a print on it has been designed by a person and Kaledo is a  set of software that allows a designer to create CAD (Computer Aided Design) and digitally render their original textile designs. Digital design is one of the  first step of getting a printed fabric manufactored and turned into something-baby clothes, bedding, carpet, women’s bathing suits, ties, anything that has a pattern on it!

I’m highly interested in a job in textile print design or something similar. CAD work for apparel and fashion goods is a passion of mine; I could literally sit at a computer all day and design. Hire me! Contact me here.

Examples of work:

Multiple Colorways for one flower print

Creating my palettes! Loving Pantone’s Spring color forecast


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