Waterfront Fashion Week: Elizabeth Turner Resort 2013 Ready-to-Wear Collection

I presented my collection “Dibs” on Friday night, October 19th 2012 at the 1st Annual Waterfront Fashion Week which was Louisville, Kentucky’s first official fashion week. I was one of 5 contestants in the Emerging Designer Contest which took entries from designers around the whole country. If you’ve read my previous posts, you know allllll about this….

Here is the “official” description of the  inspirations behind the collection. It’s important to present this so the consumer has a full understanding of where I was coming from as a designer:

My inspirations came all the way back from the 1960’s! Inside a beat-up box in my parent’s basement, included everything groovy from heavy taffeta to hip, polyester flower prints. The bold, vintage designs of the fabric woven in hot neon and saturated colors just screamed, “Sew Me!” Thus was born, “Dibs”. It’s a collection for any girl who is not afraid to be bold like the outfit she wears. She likes to mix and match items from her closet because everyday to her is like playing dress up! The name of this collection is original 1960’s slang. Every girl will want “Dibs” on this collection!


In addition to the obvious 1960’s inspiration source, I was inspired by recent Marc Jacob collections, Teen Vogue, and the many young models I’ve worked with in the past whose bright, free spirits’ define the American youth experience. Oh, and a shout-out to Malibu Barbie!

Although the collection was constructed around vintage fabric, it was heavily based on my own trend research for Spring/Summer 2013. I spent last summer 2012 in New York City and I had a great opportunity to do trend research at my job with Rafaella. Also I took classes at The Fashion Institute of Technology and studied at their library where I had access to forecasting websites and articles.

I love trend research and product development. And I am currently looking for a job in St. Louis in the fashion field (apparel, fashion products, cosmetics, shoes, anything!) so HIRE ME, please! I truly enjoy the creative process and I am highly invested in seeing a product through from concept to production.

Each piece from this collection is up for sale in the sample size 4/6 and S/M for bathing suits…beautiful pieces made with integrity and quality. Please contact me through this blog or Waterfront Fashion Week’s website. You can view the complete roll of pictures here. Unfortunately, many of these pictures are way blown out because of the stark lighting. I am a designer all about the details and the pictures just don’t do justice. Hopefully I will be able to do a prettier photo shoot and upload those pictures within the next month or so.

So, drum-roll please!….The pictures:

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2 thoughts on “Waterfront Fashion Week: Elizabeth Turner Resort 2013 Ready-to-Wear Collection

  1. Whoooooo! Wow I am impressed. I don’t know much about fashion, but as a 5 year watcher of project runway, your stuff looks GOOD!!
    Congrats !!!

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