MFA Thesis-April 2012

The following pictures exhibit my Senior Thesis collection to conclude my MFA in Fashion Design at Lindenwood University.

My thesis collection is a tribute to Madaeline Vionnet, a historic 20th century designer who invented the bias drape. I’m interested in her because she was excellent at creating one-of-a-kind, haute-couture gowns but later reinvented herself as a mass apparel producer. She was one of the first to offer benefits to her employees and she was an early proponent of ready-to-wear giving the middle class earlier access to fashion trends. I also love the modern interpretation of Vionnet’s current label on the international runways. A favorite of celebrities such as Carey Mulligan and Madonna. Infamous Galliano also claim’s Vionnet as one of his top designer influences.

My small collection is made up of 5 looks. They are detail oriented, and 2 include reclaimed 1930’s beaver fur that I refurbished and re-lined. I adore the way fur looks, but I appreciate animals so this was the green solution I came up with. Additionally, a few looks include the bias draping method that made Vionnet so famous. The marbled, burnout velvet is a nod to Tiffany lamp shade’s from the 1920’s, a time period Vionnet was influential during. In addition to velvet and fur, I incorporated the luxurious fabrics of Georgette, cotton viscose, and silk chiffon. This collection is a sumptuous nod to Art Deco sensibilities while retaining relevant silhouettes.

A big shout-out to Hillson Photography and the photographer, Stacey Hillson. I’ve know her since my days in undergrad…2 words: Hire Her! Also, my sister Katie who modeled. (Me on hair and makeup duty)


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