Waterfront Fashion Week HERE I COME!

This past Spring, my professor sent me an email about a fashion design competition in Louisville, Kentucky. Not exactly a well-known fashion destination but nevertheless…

Anywhere can host a fashion week and some of the most well known ones (after NYC’s top tier events, of course) are in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Atlanta. Even my hometown St. Louis hosts one. It’s a great way to glamorize a municipality and broadened awareness of a city’s apparel designers, manufacturers, and arts and culture in general.  And due to the popularity of reality-TV giant Project Runway most fashion weeks’ try to devote one night to budding talent. Time recently did a great piece on the emergence and populatiry of local fashion weeks.

The city of Lousiville has hired a legit promotional agency to put together a New York-style fashion week for their town. Their sponsors even include Grey Goose and Dillard’s. I’m getting pretty pumped about being a part of this event!


To enter, I paid 50 bucks, jumped through a lot of hoops, and submitted a tentative collection to Louisville Kentucky’s official Waterfront Fashion Week Emerging Designer Competition. I made it though the first round and was then told to jump through some more hoops (this time, ones lit on fire…I kid, I kid). And what would you know! I got a letter inviting me to participate. I’m very encouraged because I’m one of only 5-6 designers asked to take part and there is a $$$ 5,000 cash (yeah, CASH!) prize. I love those kinds of odds. Plus the competition is providing a hotel room for 4 nights for me and access to lots of fun after-parties.

This will be a great opportunity to showcase my work. And although I can’t commit to the idea of being an entrepreneur and starting my own line, it’s a wonderful platform to shout “HIRE ME!” from. After my internship with Perry Ellis and their label Rafaella, I definitely lean towards working for someone else, either in the corporate or small-business world. Even if I don’t win, it’s going to be so much fun and a great place to network, I’m sure.

But yeah, so I will be revealing a 8 look collection to the world at Waterfront Fashion Week October 17th-20th. Please see their website if you’re in the area and you need tickets.



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