Summer Internship, Quicky Update

I’ve take a very long break from this blog. In the time that I might have spent writing here, I worked really hard to acquire an internship to complete the requirements for my Masters of Fine Arts in Fashion Design. I’m not going to lie, it was a painfully long process. I started in December 2011 and only knew where my placement would be in June-just days before I needed to pack up and leave. But luckily I ended up with a great position. I am currently in New York City working for Rafaella which is a newly acquired women’s wear label owned by Perry Ellis International. I primarily assist the Print Design Department but we work closely with the Knits and Woven Design peoples as well. I am really enjoying my time in the Big Apple!

This is just a short update. I’ve been working on my portfolio at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) where I have access to the computer lab because I took a few non-credit summer courses. It has been a wonderful experience and I hope to update you more in the next few weeks and months with my Spring Senior Collection as well as my designs for the upcoming First Annual Louisville Kentucky Waterfront Fashion Week, of which I am one of 6 finalists and will compete for a $5,000 cash prize. Exciting stuff, stay tuned!


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