Sci-Fest 2010 & 2011

One of my favorite events I’ve been involved in the last couple years is the Science Fair’s Annual Sci-Fest Extravaganza. Basically, it’s a week long par-tay in science’s honor. Lots of free stuff and the first year I even got to go to their Extravaganza Gala. It was amazing! For the past 5-ish years in October, the Sci-Fest has included a fashion show called “Fashion for a Purpose”. Some major money is given away and that’s reason enough for me to compete. But it also promotes recycling, green fashion textiles, and the use of reclaimed items in fashion.

The first year I completed a garment made out of eco-friendly trash bags, VHS reel tap, and kite string. It was 1920’s flapper costume! All those “feather-less feathers” are actually cut up trash bags tied onto the string. And interestingly enough, I was able to sew the trash bag foundation of the dress on my sewing machine! Couldn’t quite put a zipper in successfully, so I taped my model-gorgeous friend, Jessica, into it that night. I won $200 for 3rd place in front of an audience of over 500 people. The moolah went towards my husband’s engagement ring! We got married later that Fall.

This past year, October 2011, I entered a ball gown entirely made out of used teddy bears! I gathered them up at various Goodwill’s and even used one of my own. Natalie, a friend from school, graciously offered to wear my Teddy Bear Ball Gown in the small show. This year they held the fashion show on Family Fun Night instead of the fancy-shmancy Gala night. It was all right-lots of free food, exhibits, and activities. The best part was having friends Melissa and Alex come along! Unlike last year, lots of my fellow LU students joined me in entering a piece for the show. I won 2nd place and $300!  But I have to say, I’m very excited that the Science Center will be returning the Fashion with a Purpose show back to the Gala in 2012.The crowd will be much larger. Count on me to win 1st next year…I have a stellar idea : )

I know, I know….you all are not even reading this. You are looking for pictures. You will find them below!


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