Gamma Ray – Mini Collection, Spring/Summer 2012

During my Fall 2011 semester at Lindenwood, I finished designing and sewing my Spring/Summer 2012 Mini Collection. My insiration for this sportswear line came from a 20+ hour Greyhound bus ride that I took to Juarez, Mexico when I was in high school. The color theme came from the view outside my window and I wanted to portray how beautifully the blue sky  hit the rocky landscape. I completed 3 woman’s outfits and 1 men’s outfit. These designs will hit the runway in late April 2012! Included below is the inspiration board, the CAD flats for each piece, and the fashion illustrations. I will upload pictures of the entire collection after they show in the Lindenwood University Fashion Show.

*Please excuse the poor quality of these pictures. My scanner is not big enough for the 11×14 format and I’m hoping to find a larger scanner or use a better camera SOON*


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