Gamma Ray – Mini Collection, Spring/Summer 2012

During my Fall 2011 semester at Lindenwood, I finished designing and sewing my Spring/Summer 2012 Mini Collection. My insiration for this sportswear line came from a 20+ hour Greyhound bus ride that I took to Juarez, Mexico when I was in high school. The color theme came from the view outside my window and I wanted to portray how beautifully the blue sky  hit the rocky landscape. I completed 3 woman’s outfits and 1 men’s outfit. These designs will hit the runway in late April 2012! Included below is the inspiration board, the CAD flats for each piece, and the fashion illustrations. I will upload pictures of the entire collection after they show in the Lindenwood University Fashion Show.

*Please excuse the poor quality of these pictures. My scanner is not big enough for the 11×14 format and I’m hoping to find a larger scanner or use a better camera SOON*


1st (and hopefully not last) Men’s Styling Attempt

Dear Long Lost Blog! You are not very long, and you are not lost-errrr, any longer! I am returning to you after a long winter’s sleep. Actually, winter vacay is done and I’m  essentially a wayward woman to returning to her first love. Bwahahaha. Not much material to keep you few readers interested due to school break, holidays, and a cruise  trip. But I’ve been working very hard to change that! What I wanted to post about today was some styling that I’m doing with a local, up-and-coming photographer/genius Constantiono Schillebeeckx (Website: Facebook:!/pages/Constantino-Schillebeeckx-Photography/121881317862617). Check him out. Lent a master’s studio in the Central West End (, Constantino is looking to boost up his portfolio and technical skills with some fashion-forward edginess.

So I came over to style a test-shoot with West Model, François. Fran (for short) is a super cool waiter-turned-model who is majoring in Agriculture. Who knew? Check him out below…I incorporated lots of G-Star items to create very Euro-centric looks, per Constantino’s request. Maybe too stylized or a Midwest model’s portfolio, but definitely some “out-of-the-Missouri-box” images. Love. Hope you will too. Comments always appreciated!

I think my favorite ensemble is the denim.  So in right now *snooty fashion voice*. And see those shorts? Yeah, they were started as pants that day. Ended up cutting and taping them on set! Worked with what we had! Haha.

Hoping to post again soon!