Presenting: Eva

More stylying! Phew, I’ve been busy with it! I’ve graduated from toting my things in a laundry hamper and show boxes to a full-blown suitcase. The wheels are worth it! This past Friday Elizabeth Wiseman had a full day-long shoot for 2 new finds from Centro Models-St. Louis. I had time in the afternoon to work with one of girls, Eva. It was a full portfolio shoot, meaning she had several different looks. Everything from natural to beauty to edgy was shot. It’s essential to have a variety of looks in a models portfolio. If you’re a model you want to book as many gigs as you can so it’s beneficial to you to fit in multiple fashion categories. Eva was such a natural! Her agent was hoping that with these pictures she might book something with Abercrombie & Fitch over this December or January. I have no doubt that she will! Half of these photos she had zero makeup on. Zero! Crrrrazy beautiful. Thanks to Elizabeth and her assistant, Matt, for the stunning pictures! I love playing dress-up with you!


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