Just wanted to upload a picture of my CAD 1 final. We had to pick a specific clothing catagory such as Career Wear or Sportswear or Formal Wear. I wanted my choice to be obvious (in order for no points to be taken off) so I desined lingerie because it’s pretty unmistakable. I definitely need to get an A on this project!

Here is a picture of the process:

There were eventually 4 outfits included. I’ve digitally designed everything excluding a lace print pattern included in Adobe Illustrator. Had I had more time and experience, I would have wanted to go farther with an original, seamless vector print. I had a limited amount of time and as I’m uploading full collection’s picture, I can see a couple small mistakes that I want to fix eventually. But for the time allotted, I’m pretty happy with the results.

I googled “pretty English words” to stumble upon the title of this small collection. “Scintilla”  (sn-tl – sin-till-ah) is defined as a “minute amount”. I think the name works because I was going for a minute amount of fabric. View in the gallery below. Thanks!



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