The (Last Weekend) Warrior: Part Deux

The Weekend Warrior: Part Deux

I know, I know, I know! I should have posted this earlier in the wekk. Because now it’s the weekend again and I’m warrior-ing on once more and with more stories to tell. But I promised Pakistani Haute Couture! So here we go….

This is a tale of 1 pale, white girl (me) surrounded my 19+ beautifully bronzed Pakistani ladies. Long story shortened, my grandma used to work for a Pakistani woman doctor who helped organize this charity fashion show and asked me to be in it. Short and sweet. She knew that I had done my fair share of runway events in St. Louis so of course I obliged when asked. The show is sponsored by PAAS (Pakistani American Association of St. Louis) to raise money for HDF (Human Development Foundation) which, among other things, helps build schools for girls in Pakistan. Good cause + a chance to wear glittery, ethnic wear? Of course I’m in. It didn’t hurt that I got to model for designer Hajra Hayat who has shown in Dubai Fashion Week. That’s like, the Middle East’s New York Fashion Week. Supa’ cool.

So I sacrificed a precious weekend day to head to West County to get my hair and makeup done by donated services from Jon Thomas Salon. The hair was teased back and put up in a sleek ponytail . I have fine hair and I recently cut my hair shorter so I was totally jealous of all the beautiful, thick, luscious ponys on the other girls. Oh well. The makeup was fun. We all had false eyelashes and a kohl-liner look with greens and golds on our eyes plus some fire-red lips. We even got pedicure and manicures. Score!

Following the pampering, everyone headed to a nearby hotel to rehearse. It was some serious rehearsals too. And I want to give credit where credit is due-the designer was organized, level-headed, punctual, and had a clear vision. Great characteristics for any designer running a whole show by themselves, practically. And her clothing was beautiful! Very traditional, Pakistani wear. Much of it was formal outfits for weddings and parties. Probably the only time I’ll get to wear anything like it!  You’d never guess, but a lot of those heavily beaded dresses were crazy itchy! The delicate wire thread poked through thin, silk lining. Ouch, ouch, ouch! I have sooo much more sympathy for those blinged out brides!

In the end, the show went very well for just an afternoon’s worth of practice. The choreography wasn’t easy and the models weren’t professions, so I think it went off very well for what it’s worth. Below are some pics, plus a scanned copy of a promotional handout.


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