The Weekend Warrior: Part Une

The Wine-d Up

I’m a graduate assistant at Lindenwood University…which means I am a poor person. My school credits are paid for by my 20 hour-a-week assistantship. But with no extra stipend, constantly buying fabric, notions, books, and lab fees really add up! So for a lil’ extra cash I continue to work  promotional gigs whenever I can. I’ve actually been working through talent agencies as an Independent Contractor for marketing campaigns (aka “promo” work) for 3ish years now. When I was in my undergraduate I worked in the summers primarily. My SEMO major in Merchandising and minor in Marketing really came in handy in all the application processes. I say processes because you have to apply individually for each job and send in paperwork for each agency. I estimate that I’ve worked for at least 30 agencies and 100 promotions in the last few years. Quite possibly more. I did jobs like handing out free samples at box stores and promoting products in various ways at St. Louis events. One time I was Tony the Tiger and held babies and had geriatrics sit on my lap (both against my will, which made it the first and last time to dress up as a costumed character). People constantly ask me about how to get into this field. And I don’t blame them, because if you’re willing to wait 30-90 days after an event for payment then you can make anywhere from 2 to 5 times minimum wage, just starting out. If you’re interested and I know/like you, I might be able to hook you up.

Lately, I’ve been getting into wine demos. It’s steady work and it always seams to fit into my schedule. I market a variety of wine in stores at Dierbergs or Schnucks by giving out small, free samples. I educate the public about tasting notes and how to pair what wine with which food. It’s fun. Although I would characterize myself as a introvert, I’ve grown to really enjoy interacting one-on-one with shoppers. It’s a nice gig-I get to learn about wine, work on my people skills, and sometimes I get the remains of a bottle : )

Here’s a pic from the last gig!

If I look a little wonky, it’s because it was taken at the end of a 6 hour shift where I stood the whole time. Yeah…

Stay Tuned for Part Deux….featuring some Pakistani Haute Couture. Yes, you heard me right.


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