An Introduction to CAD

Today I’m sitting in CAD I class waiting around for it to start. Looks like I have time to blog! CAD (or Computer Aided Design) is a way to render fashion designs in a highly technical format. Using Adobe Illustrator you can create these things called garment flats. Flats are digital 2D “sketches” of what a design should look like. CAD garment flats are the basis for garment production. It’s kind of like an architectural plan for a house; a flat is literally a draft of a garment. Everything on a flat has to look perfect-proportions are important as well as design details like zippers, seams, and hems.

After a flat is produced, a designer might send it to production in a far off land. The flat acts as a guide for the producers (aka the Chinese factory workers). It is a way to communicate visually when you can’t communicate through a common language. I’ve included some basic CAD work below.Just a boring trench, not much of a design… but you will get the idea.


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