Thursday 11/10-A Blog is Born!

G’morning world! Errr….or the one person reading this.

Today is going to be a busy day! I’m up early (yes, 9:30 is early for this girl). I’ve got a lot going on that I want to let you all know about. This morning I’m styling a photo shoot with the oh-so-talented St. Louis-area headshot photographer, Elizabeth Wiseman. Elizabeth times 2 today! Two Elizabeths are better than one, no? Not sure who the model is yet, but Elizabeth almost exclusively works with agency signed girls. So I’m assuming someone from West or Centro.

Got some inspiration pics from her early in the week and the tone seems to be fun,Editorial Juniors. Think Teen Vogue. I’m envisioning a lot of color blocking perhaps. Spent a couple hours last night going through my closet of goodies (as well as some borrowed pieces from my model-sized sister,). I threw in a little bit of everything into the to-go laundry basket, including sparkleys, patterns, high-fashion labels (Prada sweater my mom found w/ tags at a garage sale), low-fashion labels (aka stuff I found at Goodwill yesterday). Some items I had to alter a tad last night. So yeah, the bedroom is disaster but this shoot is going to be great!

This is actually only the second shoot working with Eliz W. My schedule is so busy with school and marketing work and normal life that it’s been a couple months since the last shoot together. The first shoot was a portfolio session with Amanda from Centro. From what I understood, she’s a college Fresh-y from the Midwest hoping to make it in a bigger market (NYC?LA?). We styled her in a cornucopia of looks and below are pics from that first shoot:


Elizabeth Wiseman’s photography including my wardrobe styling work and Emily Miller of Delicately Bold’s makeup artistry. Cred to those talented ladies! Heck of a collaboration!


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